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Nissan Original ECU Files

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Original ECU Files For Nissan

We are specialists in chip tuning files for Nissan. Alpha Engineering Nissan is the adjustment of the engine from the ECU. We offer top quality engine tuning files. Our chip tuning specialists are able to make adjustments for everyday use, for racing or for special requests.

Would you like to have your Nissan ECU tuned by an experienced engineer? Register on our portal for free, choose what ECU tuning files you need, and enjoy the process. You will be able to get a tuned file within 30 min! We have years of experience in Nissan chip tuning and we offer the highest quality achievable in the auto-tuning industry

Tuning Files For Nissan

More power, torque, better engine performance!

After our adjustments to the ECU, you will enjoy driving your Nissan even more! Our Nissan chip tuning specialists can significantly increase torque and power and reduce fuel consumption.

Alpha Engineering Nissan Tuning Files advantages:

  • Up to more than 25% extra power;
  • Extremely durable;
  • Safety comes first! In all adjustments we take into account the margin of safety for your parts;
  • A fuel saving of more than 5%;
  • No problems with the annual inspection.

Why choose Alpha Tuning Files?

Safety and honesty are our top priorities. That is why at Alpha Tuning Files you will always receive honest advice about the chip tuning of your Nissan.

  • Our engineers are experts in the field of ECU 6 TCU tuning;
  • We provide the highest quality achievable in the auto tuning industry;
  • We love people and want to do business fairly;
  • We will give honest advice to all our customers and are always open to help;
  • We make adjustments for tuners worldwide.

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We are here to provide the best tuning files in the market. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to open a support ticket or contact us on WhatsApp! We will help you make the right ECU Tuning Choise!