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At Alpha Engineering you can get any type of TCU and ECU files
Stage 1 tuning
Stage 2 tuning
Stage 3 tuning
Adblue Off
Pop and Bang
ECO tuning
Rescaling MAF/MAP/Injector
Exhaust flap control
Fuelsave tuning
Catalyst off
Vmax Off
RPM Nmax limit
DSG fart
Gearbox tuning
Cold start off
Vmax On
E85 Mod
Reverse engineering
Immo Off
Limited Mappack
Custom tuning files
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Basic ECU Tuning Explained


Tuning Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3

Tuning Stage 1, Stage 2 & Stage 3 are tuning classifications. The simple explanation for Stage 1 – 3 tuning is that at stage 1 tuning does not require any mechanical engine modifications. At stage 2 small engine adjustments are required. At stage 3 some major engine modifications and specialized tools are required.


Diesel Particulate Filter Off

When the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is removed from the car, the DPF OFF tuning file configures the vehicle’s ECU to function correctly without the physical DPF. Using our tuning service we can disable the vehicle’s regeneration mode and make sure that engine error codes don’t come up.


Exhaust Gas Recirculation Off

EGR OFF tuning file is very popular among car tuners and drivers that want to enhance vehicles performance. EGR OFF prevents exhaust from being redirected back to the engine and this improves engine power, helps increase fuel efficiency, and helps the engine of the vehicle to have a longer lifespan.


Pop and Bang / Exhaust Popping

Pop and Bang tuning files are ECU adjustment files that create popping or crackling sounds from the vehicle exhaust on deceleration or when the driver lets off the throttle pedal or changes the gear. Except for the amazing sound Pop and Bang also create a performance advantage by removing turbo lag after deceleration.


Disabling the Adblue System

AdBlue OFF files ensure that the AdBlue no longer needs to be refueled. Very often a malfunction can be seen in the AbBlue system, but the AdBlue OFF configuration always sends the correct data to the AdBlue computer. The AdBlue Off tuning also simulates the NOX sensor so there is no way of any interference.


Removing The Speed Limit

The Vmax limiter is the maximum speed a vehicle can achieve. This limiter is set by an electronic setting within the ECU. The Vmax OFF allows us to increase, decrease or completely remove the maximum speed limiter set by the manufactor from a vehicle ensuring maximum driving experience.

Get High-Quality tuning files directly from the source

Experienced professionals

Years of professional experience have made it possible for us to provide you with the best tuning files for almost any car on the market.

Dyno tested tuning files

This helps us provide high-quality tuning files and thorough optimization of the process allows us to give the best files at a competitive price.

Damos A2L Funktionsrahmen

Thanks to a wide range of Damos files, we can perfect our tuning files. This distinguishes us from our competition which purchases files from parties like us or who make adjustments to files without any testing, experience, or expertise. In addition, these parties can not offer any proper support.

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Extensive Tuning Support

We provide comprehensive support to our customers. We do this by using our simple and effective ticket system. You can expect our engineers to answer technical support tickets within 15-60 minutes.

For example, the Alpha Engineering support desk supports:

  • Technical support on uploaded files.

  • Requests for Damos files and custom mappacks

  • Requests regarding dealership and other sales questions

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