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Learn How to Tune

World News!! Learn How to Create and Calibrate a Tuning box / Powerbox

On special request we can offer a training course to learn how to create and calibrate a tuning box. The world of powerboxes seems dark and the knowledge is kept secret for most people. We open up to you and offer you a great tuning course taught by one of our engineers who has been deeply involved in the powerbox scene for decades.

How will you be trained?

We do part theory and part practical training which is unique in this industry. We will let you test your new knowledge on one of our cars.

Theory in classroom

First we teach you all the necessary theory and answer all your questions

Live mapping & datalogging

In the practical part we do live mapping of a car and test the result by datalogging and mobile dyno measurement.

Learn more, remember better

The practical part will bring your new knowledge to life and help you remember and understand the theory much better.

Before we start we ask you for your special wishes, your goals and current knowledge regarding tuning boxes.

The Courses


training course

tuning box

Theory + Practical

Day1: Theory behind diesel and petrol engines,
sensors, actuators and powerboxes
Day2: Calibrating an existing tuning box

2 Day
3000 €


training course

tuning box


(only possible after attending the Beginner training course)
Day 1 : Learning how to create a
tuning box from scratch

1 Day
3000 €

special request

training course

tuning box

Theory behind diesel and petrol engines,
sensors, actuators & powerboxes
Calibrating an existing tuning box

Duration - Open for discussion
3000 €

If you want to book, please contact us by chat function in the lower right part of webpage.

Possible Subjects

  • Basic engine knowledge
  • Sensors and actuators
  • Reverse engineering
  • Datalogging
  • Live mapping
  • Fuelsaving
  • Placebo effects versus real results

Overview Engine Actuators Sensors ECU

Flowchart ECU and Engine Operation

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